Lynching was employed as a means of social control in the South of the United States.  Approximately 3,500 blacks and 1,300 whites were lynched between 1882 and 1968, most of them  from 1882 to 1920.  [University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law].

Lynching 1hang00 hang01 hang02Lynching 3

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  1. barbara turner

    I have seen other photos similar to these,, however these caused a deep sadness. these pictures are so disturbing, but also educatetionals. on one photo, the girl was actually grinning! There is a term for this deep inhumane force that abide inside of these people, and it’s there and exist inside of them even today, some of them even call themselves Christians, but like president Kennedy said; what if some who makes it to heavenly when they get there, they will discover that our heavenly father is not white but a man of color; black!!!!

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